Notes on fruit storage in cold storage
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Notes on fruit storage in cold storage

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Notes on fruit storage in cold storage

Fruit cold storage is mainly used for fruit storage and processing, it can make the cold storage keep the fruit adapt to the low temperature so that the storage time is longer.  Cold storage wall selection of heat insulation library board, the bottom of the rapid board tide insulation, heat insulation, to prevent the incoming heat from the outside.  Today, let's understand some points for attention about cold storage fruit:

I.How to store fruit in cold rooms:

Cold storage should be disinfected and fumigated with sulfur to ensure that fruits are stored in a clean environment. The storage temperature is usually around 0 ℃ to 3 ℃.

2. The fruits stored in the cold storage should be screened to remove the fruits with scars and pests.

3. It is necessary to undergo cleaning and disinfection to prevent the infection of germs in cold storage. The cleaned fruit should be placed on the ground, ventilated, and dried overnight in a cool place, cooled, and then packaged in paper boxes for storage.

4. During the process of transporting fruits into cold storage, it is necessary to handle them with care to prevent fruit damage due to bumps.

5. Fruits should be stacked neatly in cold storage, with gaps between boxes to facilitate ventilation and ventilation. Some large cold storage units should also be equipped with ventilation equipment.

6. In cold rooms, the humidity must reach 80% except for temperatures between 0 and 3 ℃. This way, the fruit can remain fresh and not dry.

II. Precautions for fruit cold storage:

1. Disinfection treatment of fruits before storage:

Before the fruit is into the cold storage to be disinfected, disinfection is used in sulfur, under the general condition of a kilogram of sulfur can be used for 100 cubic meters of disinfection, and then use sawdust to ignite closed doors and Windows within two days do not open the doors and Windows, each time the amount of fruit storage should not be too large, about 10% of the daily intake is good.

2. Daily maintenance and management of fruits after storage:

Timely check the temperature and humidity in the cold storage and strictly control the temperature and humidity in the cold storage, timely exclude the bad gas in the cold storage, adjust the temperature and humidity of the cold storage for different fruit storage environment requirements, if long-term drying will affect the color of the fruit, consider the use of a humidifier to adjust the humidity in the cold storage.

3. Notes for fruit delivery:

It is the same with warehousing, and it is necessary to gradually adapt to warehousing. Avoid the condensation of water on the surface of fruit caused by direct storage, and prevent the color from darkening and softening, which will affect the taste and lead to decay. The optimum temperature is 2~ 4°C higher than the fruit temperature, and the relative humidity is 75% ~80%. When the temperature rises to a 4 ~ 5°C difference from the outside temperature, it can be released from the warehouse.

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