Cold Room Storage and Freezer Room For Vegetable and Chicken
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Cold Room Storage and Freezer Room For Vegetable and Chicken


Product Feature

1.Temperature range: for Vegetables and Fruits -5°C+5°C are all available; for Meat and Seafood -18°C.

2.Customization: the size of the refrigeration warehouse is determined according to customer needs.

3.Function: preservation, freezing, quick freezing.

4.Good performance, low noise, and high reliability.

5.The production is fast and the construction period is short.

Product Characteristics

Different Types of Cold Storage Parameters

Cooler room -5~5 ºC

For fruits , vegetables , milk , cheese etc

75mm,100mm panel thickness
Freezer room -18~-25℃ For frozen meat , fish , seafood , ice cream etc

120mm,150mm panel thickness

Blast room -30~-40℃ For fresh fish , meat ,fast freezer

150mm,200mm panel thicknes

Customized Service

Our company has professional engineers who can provide you with professional advice based on your application.

2: What kind of goods will load inside? What's the indoor temperature?

3:What's the industry voltage?

Detail show

Cold room mainly parts:Condensing Unit、Unit Cooler、Cold Room Door、Cold Room Panel、Solenoid Valve、Expansion Valve、Electric Cabinet.


Insulation System

1. PU Panels For Cold Room


Thickness 75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Width Standard: 960mm;Customization Available
Length Density ≥ 42kg/m³
Flame Retardent Time ≤ 5s
Hook Distance = 900mm
Plate Color Steel
Stainless Steel
Embossed Aluminiu

2. Cold Storage Door

冷库门 800

1. Perfect sealing.

2. Reliable, safe, and easy to operate.
3. Cold Room Door Series: hinged door, sliding door, swing door, replaced the door.
4. Replaced Door: Whether you want to replace the original door or open a new door in the old cold room.

Refrigeration System

1.Condensing Unit


Bitzer Condensing Unit Monoblock unit
1. Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors;
2. Air-cooled or water-cooled type;
3. All the accessories are world-famous brands, with reliable quality;
4. High efficiency and low noise;
5. Wide application, suitable for different refrigerants;
6.Optional configuration is acceptable.
1. One-piece design, embedded installation.
2. Compact structure, easy to install, only need to be embedded in the corresponding size window reserved on the side plate of the
cold storage, and the installation can be completed within 20 minutes.
3. Intelligent hot gas defrosting technology, short defrosting time (about 70% reduction), substantial energy saving.
4. Fully intelligent control system, power-on self-checking, and debugging, no debugging, no need for professional senior
installation technicians.

2.Unit Cooler


1. Moon evaporator has a Nation Standard GB heat exchange coil with hydrophilic aluminum foil and is more efficient with low noise.

2. Use stainless steel tubular electric heat pipe with strong insulation, which has reasonable distribution and short
defrost time.

3. DL serial can apply to a 0°C cold room. DD applies to -18°C cold room. DJ applies to -25°C cold room for freezing or fast freezing room

Packaging & Shipping




Product Category

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